G Wellness – September 2015

Nature&HealthThe relationship between human beings and Nature is derived in ayurveda as ‘Yatha Pinde thatha Brahmande’ which means ‘ As is the Macrocosm, so is the Microcosm’  both cannot be separated. It emphasises the balance and harmony of human life with Nature. . Every person exist within this natural world as part of this universe. This world has some undeniable laws and patterns that regulate all living things. We see this every day in the simple rising and setting of the sun. If we live according to these laws, we have all good chances of surviving and experiencing a healthy life, if we choose to live against these natural laws, ailments, disharmony and unrest will follow.

Natural healing methods are practised in Ayurveda, using food, herbs and modulation of daily life style. With these natural, non-invasive methods, the total health of your being is built up slowly and steadily.

The whole constitution of the Nature is derived from five elements: Earth, Water. Fire, Air and Space. When these elements get energized with the life force or Prana, they combine to form three Doshas. Air and Space combine to form the Vata dosha; Fire and Water combine to form the Pitta dosha; and Water and Earth together make the Kapha dosha. Our existence is a kind of play among these three forces and the balance among the doshas determines our state of health. When the doshas are in proportion, we feel strong, our organs function properly and we experience good health. When any one of these doshas is out of balance or in an irregular state, then our system goes astray. If an individual has more traits associated with one dosha over others, that individual would have more tendencies to become imbalanced in that particular dosha. When one dosha is prone to imbalance, it is very well possible for the other doshas to become unbalanced as well.

For determining what made you susceptible to the sickness in the first place, all dimensions of your being have to be probed, physical, mental and spiritual.. Life style modulations in tune with Nature with respect to your dosha may yield better long lasting results.

Our health depends on how our living is in tune with the cycles of Nature. If we become erratic in our sleeping, eating or exercise patterns, then we are more likely to experience the doshas that will precipitate as sickness. The remedy is to try to create a healthy daily routine that you can stick to most of the time. Then you will find that your whole system works more efficiently.

Ayurvedic science is based on a great foundation, a deep philosophy and practical clinical observation. It also has a unique therapeutic value including Panchakarma (detoxification), rasayana (rejuvenation),and dinacharya (diet and life style). In this sense Ayurveda is the science of longevity of life prescribed in tune with Nature.