Bitter Guard Chutney

Healthy eating

What vegetables carry from nature to humans

G Nutrition, as the word literally establishes it signifies Green Nutrition. The importance of food, nature and human body, which are deeply interconnected. Vegetables the products obtained from plants and trees carry along with them the nutrients from nature to human body, without which humans cannot survive.

With this program I am trying to give an insight on how the nature through the vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and other edible food items provide energy and health for the human body to live in this world. Humans cannot create food without the direct or indirect help of trees, who through photosynthesis stores food in them, which we consume by eating vegetables or by eating animals who had eaten these vegetables.

Through this cookery I am trying to give you a fully natural food recipe which will enhance your health and does less damage to your body like synthetic food items. Today I am explaining a simple chutney with all natural items which can be easily made. It is healthy and even has the capacity to rejuvenate certain ailments.

Now let s try my Bitter Guard Chutney

Even though the main ingredient is bitter guard which is the king of bitter, I am replacing the bitterness with acceptable sweetness in natural ways so that you may consume it without losing the good qualities which it is carrying from nature for you.

Normally chutney has high calorific value due to the presence of coconut, even though coconut has got fiber its calorie value is high and have bad cholesterol, i am trying to reduce it by adding more quantity of less calorie value ingredients. The process of preparation is so simple and ingredients too are easily available and most importantly they all are so much natural.


  • Bitter guard sliced in thin pieces and sauté in oil      –                       ½ cup
  • Lime juice                                                                         –       10 Table spoon
  • Red chili powder                                                              –             1 Teaspoon
  • Jaggery syrup                                                                  –              1 Teaspoon
  • Small Onion                                                                      –                       5 Nos.
  • Pumpkin seeds (Dry roasted)                                        –                     20 Nos.
  • Curry Leaves                                                                     –                     10 Nos.


About ingredients

Pumpkin seeds: Normally are avoided or thrown away. We use to consume exotic fruits and vegetable which are artificially ripened and preserved, but the usefulness of these natural products to human body is unexplainable it is a power house of lots of useful nourishments and having very less calorie.

Lime juice: I had specifically chosen it in place of Tamarind which is an acidic medium, and lime is an alkaline medium which is a cleansing agent for human body.

Chilly powder or green chilli: It can be used as desired for taste, but people with gastritis and peptic ulcer should control the use of it.

The process is so simple, all the ingredients have to be blended together and the chutney is ready. It can be used along rice or chapatti. Most importantly it is highly effective for diabetic patients, the ingredients especially the pumpkin seed and curry leaves has to be chewed thoroughly and eaten for maximum taste and nourishment.

Method: Dry grind all the ingredients together and consume with rice or chappathi.

Nutritional importance (100gm):

  • Moisture                    –               83%
  • Protein                       –                 3%
  • Fat                              –                 1%
  • Carbohydrate            –               10%
  • Phosphorus              –          140mg
  • Iron                             –            10mg
  • Beta carotene           –           210 IU
  • Thiamine                    –                 27
  • Riboflavin                   –                 88
  • Copper and potassium in required quantities.


  • Bitter guard is extremely essential for insulin production from beta cells of pancreas for glucose absorption from blood.
  • Small onion contains Flavonoids which decreases the viscosity of blood and hence is good for the heart.
  • Curry leaves contain anti cancerous elements.

All these divine gifts of nature bring synergistic activity in our body.