Erandia Maarari

Construction of a building displaces lots of space, green trees, water bodies, bio diversity etc and exerts pressure on the earth’s surface where it is located. It is unavoidable for the housing needs of humans- strictly to an optimum level of usage. Studies had proven that unscientific construction and encroachments to Nature and its resources increase the impact on the surroundings and have adverse effect on the health of people who live in it.


Voice Green is auditing the environment impact of Erandia Maarari resort situated at Alleppey. Natural red mud color of entrance walls with pale grey seasoned hay roof canopied by green leaves gives a Green welcome.

The entire resort is constructed using wooden planks, hay thatched roof and mud cut bricks which are easily regenerated and degenerated, handpicked and utilized for less Nature impact of construction.


The Reception, Lounge and Cottages have side walls constructed with foldable wooden partitions with louvers, fixed on the roof using full retractable rollers. Walls on all three sides facing the sea can be opened to allow in maximum air and light, thus avoiding wastage of energy on artificial light and air conditioner.

Ms Brigitte explained their Nature friendly policies. Erandia procures vegetables, curios, dress materials and all from the local market, thus sharing the benefits with the local community. The whole idea and concept of the resort is of her brother Dr. Ernst Meier & his wife Angelika Herrmann Meir, Directors She said that not only the construction here but the day to day activities of the resort strictly adhere to Nature conservation. According to her 100% occupancy has been recorded even from the first year of operation just because of its Nature friendliness. Nature friendliness of Erandia was crafted by Mr. Erich Gassman the German architect. Lack of hard rock, cement, bricks, concrete, metal and other heavy construction materials reduces the pressure exerted by the building on the land and are eco friendly.


Green trees, shrubs and creepers which flourish upon the salty sand make the resort an oasis in the dry sandy beach. Each plant has been carefully planted in a bed of fertile sand brought from outside and careful nurturing has been provided for them to grow up and provide shade for this sandy beach area.

The rooms have wooden flooring and half walled partitions painted with gentle white making them airy, bright and Nature friendly. Wooden cots with flower decorations add to the Nature friendly interiors.



Vegetables and fruits are specifically selected from organic farms for the safety and health of the tourists.

Sewage treatment plant and Grey water recycling are part of the basic facilities.

Dry leaves and food waste from the kitchen and restaurant are transported to the vermin compost for converting to bio manure for the garden.

The appearance of the whole station looks so Nature friendly and the visible impact on Nature has been purposefully reduced by means of aesthetic and scientific construction. Voice Green team felt the life of lively Nature preserved in the premises.
Mr Vinod the Managing Director of the resort explained the processes and procedures of the resort based mainly on Nature conservation.

  • Energy efficiency is achieved by the usage of solar water heater and for lighting 98% LED and remaining 2% CFL
  • Toiletries use clay pots rather than plastic containers
  • Organic cleansers for less impact on biodiversity
  • Toilet paper with more recycle content are used
  • Linen and towels reused for multiple night guest on request
  • Local farm vegetable and fruits which are organic and pesticide free
  • Reduce wastage of food by optimizing the quantity with guest consultation
  • Pitchers used for sugar and creamers, ketchup, butter, jelly not served in serving containers
  • Double side printing and reuse of paper and stationary
  • Less paper usage and more online billing and processes
  • Newspaper provided at lobby unless requested by guest
  • No plastic bottled water
  • No air conditioners. No Wifi provided in the rooms No TV

IMG-20140529-01051Voice Green team couldn’t identify any visible challenges on Nature in the construction or functioning of the resort. Utmost care has been given on each and every aspect from choosing construction materials to the designing and implementation. Consumables for day to day function too are chosen with Nature care. Managing of solid waste, bio waste, waste water recycling and reusing them are all adding to the values they hold with respect to Nature conservation. The staff is well educated on Nature caring practices. The personal experiences of guest too show that they too have been enlightened on the importance of loving, caring and respecting Nature through their stay at this resort.


Voice Green grades Erandia Maarari as a Nature friendly GREEN GUARDIAN RESORT.