Campus Green

Nature caring eventsA social responsibility program derived to be implemented in professional colleges for sensitizing the budding decision makers on the importance of Nature in their profession & personal life. The aim is to coach professional students to be responsible decision makers and action planners leading the future generations towards sustainable growth.

Responsible professionals are the need of the hour, when the world at large is fastly moving towards depletion of necessary natural resources and approaching quickly on site to drastic irreversible calamities, is not just another mere noble activity, but the most right thing.
The messages implanted to the students not only reflect in the institution alone, it will continue towards the society as the inmates are from far and wide spread communities.

Trial versions of the program were effectively executed over the last 2 years at selected professional colleges. One faculty from each college is trained to become the ‘Green Guardian Mentor’ for introducing students to the world of ’true nature caring lifestyles’. Competitions were conducted with nature conservation in their professional realm as the focal theme.

The dedication and leadership qualities extended by the Green Guardian Mentors at their respective institutions require special acknowledgement. The enthusiasm extended by Dr Nivedita, Dr Sudeep Saratchandran, Dr Jose Paul & Dr Anulekh Babu, irrespective of their professional schedule had successfully conducted the Campus Green programmes.

In the short film contest conducted on theme “Nature conservation and Human life”. Shot by the students of Indira Gandhi dental college had won the first postition

Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Studies, PMS College of Dental Science & Research, Annoor Dental College, Trivandrum Government Dental College and College of Architecture Trivandrum were the pioneering Green Guardian professional institutions.

Campus Green will cover more professional colleges in the coming years. State level competitions will also be conducted hereafter, to help build a new generation of professionals who are responsible Green Guardians of Nature.