G Ethos – September 2015

Worship & NatureAllah the Great created this whole universe. Then as His representatives, He created humans. For the survival of human beings, He created all other things in this world. So for our life’s essentials and blessings from Allah, humans should lead a life with love and care for Nature and all other things in this world. Each human behavior should be complementary with Nature and should not be contradictory to it.


So all the teachings of The Holy Quran will be to respect and care Nature which is created by the Great Allah. Humans, The Holy Quran and Nature should always travel in the same direction. None of the three should ever move against each other. Then only will His blessings be showered on humans. This is what Islam strives to convey. the Great Prophet always puts across the prominence of conserving Nature and all the living things in it.

The divine book of the Holy Quran had quoted a beautiful phrase, “Dear people, all the living things, all animals and all the insects which fly using their wings are all a community like human beings.” Humans are not doing anything to preserve Nature, we are utilizing all the natural resources and reducing them, but other tiny living beings are reinstating what humans are utilizing daily. So all these living things are important for Nature as well as for the very existence of human life in Nature.

How beautifully had the Holy Quran and the Great Prophet Muhammad PBUH taught the human beings to live in harmony with Nature, love and care one and all living and non living things in this world for human life to exist peacefully and healthy!

True disciples of the Great Prophet shall hear his words and lead a life according to his teachings and will. So open your eyes and look around your surroundings to see what damages we are doing to nature in our day to day life. Try to reduce the damages. Also love, care and respect Nature for the great prophet’s blessings.


There’re many stories in the Bible. It says that God created man in this world. God first created this world and then man. There would be no man without this world. Hence preserving Nature is the basics of preserving humanity. A healthy Nature is essential, to keep ourselves healthy. Nature helps us to live comfortably and happily. If you have interest in Nature, you’ll have interest in man. All sages go into the jungle. It is there they see God. It’s the reality of God.

I shall narrate a story,

There was a man living near the Maramon chuch. His name was Karuppachan. He had a slight mental disorder. The difference between us and him is, we drop paper bits from our bags all over the road but Karuppachan collects bits of paper from the road and cautiously keeps it in his bag. He is doing it so religiously without any remuneration. The whole world saw Karuppachan who keeps at least his surroundings clean as mentally unstable and the others who litter around as clear minded.

So keep in mind,

Small changes in our everyday life can bring big difference to the universe. It is better that you be the change than try to change others.

His-Grace-The-Valiya-Metropolitan copy

Most Rev. Dr Philipose Mar Chrysostom
Valiya Metropolitan of the Marthoma Church

Tantric practices and temple rituals are performed for experiencing the divinity in temples. All rituals and practices are derived in tune with Nature. Earth, Water, Air, Sun, Moon, Stars, Trees and all living and non living things in this world are worshipped as gods.. In a culture where Mother Earth is worshipped, there is no space for destruction of Nature.

The construction of temple may require wood. It is procured from trees with lots of consideration. Elaborate poojas are conducted seeking the blessings and permission from the tree, its inhabitants, birds and animals which depend on it, and all gods associated to it. Adequate compensatory rituals too are conducted. It is mandatory that the tree stump is monitored for its healthy re growth too. Even construction of houses too follows these practices in olden times.

Special rituals along with feeding of elephants are conducted before they are used for procession of idols. From the giant Elephant to the micro centipede, all animals, birds and insects are venerated as gods’ vehicles for establishing the importance of all living things in maintaining the equilibrium of Nature. According to Tantric scriptures they are not mere vehicles for transport, but it is in their form that the associated gods exists in Earth.

Tantric rituals insist that all the festivals in each temple should start with Mulayideel. It is the sowing of grain seeds associated and savored by each god. The power of that deity is assessed with the health and growth of these seeds.

Divine groves (Kavu) and ponds clearly signify the interlinking of humans and Nature. Destruction of these sacred nature resources are considered bad omen not only for the family but also to the whole village. This establishes the fact that Nature and devotion are not two sides of a coin but they are on the same side and Inseparable.

This article is trying to explain ancient scriptures, temples, gods, rituals and beliefs which are all doubtlessly teaching us the importance of Nature in the existence of human life and how they are to be respected and preserved for divine blessings and healthy human life. These observations are just guidelines to live in harmony with Nature for a healthy co existence in this world.

Thekkedeth Kuzhikkatt Parameswaran Vasudevan Bhattatiripad
Attukal Tantri