G Drive – September 2015


Transportation’s share in Green House Gases

Vehicles utilize fossil fuels and emits green house gases. Here many do not count the contribution of fuel production and its contribution to the whole of Green House Gases as such.

Fossil fuels are formed by the decomposition of living matter that got trapped In rocks and sea beds millions of years ago. Oil is extracted using heavy drilling rigs which dig deep below to 10000 feet. Crude oil is extracted from Nature and refined to produce the fuels which we use regularly. Refining causes air pollution by releasing toxins into the atmosphere that are highly dangerous for living beings.


Natural gases trapped under rocks will not have the pressure for release, in order to release them, fuel producers inject high powered fluids containing sand, water, and chemicals, and trap the gases released. The injected fluids are left behind in the vacancy obtained by the gas release. These fluids cause contamination of ground water and cause instability to bed rocks. This becomes the cause for earth quakes at places which had never experienced any nature calamities till then. Thus using fuels is the human activity which has the biggest impact on Nature.

Fuel prices is constantly on the rise, and concerns about carbon emissions rising almost as fast. Now in India almost all medium families own a vehicle. In all economically rich societies, people with immense wealth also find it dignified to use public transport, where ever it is available. It has become a part of their culture. Understanding the grave realities of how we are jeopardizing the vital resources by helping its depletion and also risking our own safety in the road, we should refrain from misusing vehicles, and stick to pooling of vehicles or using metro transport.

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In the following issues of G Drive, we shall discuss some tips for you to practice smart eco-driving by making some simple adjustments in the way you drive and maintain your vehicle.

Ram Kamal

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