Construction of a building displaces lots of space, green trees, water bodies, bio diversity etc and exerts pressure on the earth’s surface where it is located. It is unavoidable for the housing needs of humans- strictly to an optimum level of usage. Studies had proven that unscientific construction and encroachments to Nature and its resources […]

Voice Green: What is the best environment –friendly place you have been to? What attracted you the most there? T.P. Sreenivasan: The Alps Mountains both in Austria and in Switzerland. It is a manicured kind of place in the sense that every grass there gets attention. What attracted me the most to this is the […]

Ms. Sheela Thomas Chairperson, Rubber Board on the Nature Impact of the Board’s functioning Voice Green: Kindly explain the Nature conservation activities extended by Rubber board in its day to day functioning. Sheela Thomas: Rubber Board was set up by the Government of India for promoting cultivation of natural rubber. So by its very Nature […]

All the required nutrients necessary for the Human Body to exist are present in Nature in various forms. The plants absorb these nutrients from Nature and store them in their leaves, seeds, fruits, shoots etc. By consumption of these plant parts as food, these nutrients are transported to our body. That is the how Nature […]

  Green Habits in Wash Rooms (Energy Management) Water heating is the third largest energy consumer. It accounts for about 14%-25% of total consumption.   Install solar water heater or use some other energy-efficient water heating strategies. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimum usage of hot water If more temperature is […]

From time immemorial, man has been modest in his demands on the elements of the environment – taking only what is needed, and it left no scars on the surroundings: land, water and air. With aspirations of individuals flying high, and with number of families on the rise, need based removal of resources from the […]

Set deep inside the forest reserves of Arippa, near Thenmala in Kollam district, Shanghili is a serene spot not much explored. Leaving the Trivandrum-Tenmala road you can trek or use the local Jeep. More than the beauty of Shanghili, the drive through the pristine forest, rich with a variety of vegetation and animals, makes the […]

Red Spinach, Amaranthus dubius Mart. Ex Thell is one of the common leafy vegetables cultivated all over the world. It comes under the family Amaranthaceae. It is native to South America and was introduced to Asia, Europe and Africa. Red Spinach grows vigorously in warm climate round the year in well aerated sandy soil. It […]

You are in a professional college campus, and you wonder how amidst the tight syllabus and the long daily pressing academic schedules, you can even get time to enjoy the left over greenery in your campus, let alone think of participating in a greening initiative. But, facts are stranger than fiction. If communities are willing […]

Islam has given great prominence to Nature conservation. Once the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, was travelling with his disciples. At night they pitched a tent. While going to bed, the Holy Prophet noticed a fire place. On reaching there, he saw his disciples sitting around the fireplace they had made to keep […]