About Us

Our Aim

Conveying the necessary information to the majority at minimum time for the importance of reinstating the lost green back to mother earth. Proclaiming the need for preserving nature, through facilities to observe & enjoy, and recreate the serenity and beauty of nature, without curtailing modernization.

Our Procedures

Nature saving is always mistook for curtailing modernization or a group agitating against developments, We are moving along with modernization.

  • We plan to rebuild the lost nature, rather than stopping the advancement of the society.
  • We support other nature saving campaigns by connecting with common man the importance of nature conservation
  • We will practice to go hand in hand with modernization and developments of society.


To achieve this, the whole project is developed as

  • v Creating awareness to the common public through magazines
  • v Extension of awareness through community sensitization programs
  • v Reinstating the serenity of nature and rebuilding the lost green by involving the community
  • v Serene Places created, for the public to live and enjoy the nature

Current Project

Primarily to build the awareness in the minds of common man, we are bringing out a magazine featuring the cream of the society, from different classes and creed, like Politics, Movies, Literature, Arts, Diplomats, Religious heads, Business tycoons, Royal family, Professionals expressing their personal perspective on nature conservation An eco foot print analysis of the common man’s day to day activity will be reported for a life style change modulations for the readers.

Contents of Voice Green are

  • G Interiors: Nature Impact Analysis (NIA)of a house construction and day to day activities of house keeping.
  • G Spaces: NIA of the functioning of an office space
  • G Gazebo: NIA of the human at a Tourist destination
  • G Voice: Interview of a celebrity with respect to nature conservation
  • G Ethos: Interpretation of religion, their custom, epics and rituals on the importance of living in harmony with nature
  • G Nutrition: Explains the process by which green vegetables carry nutrients and minerals from nature to human body
  • G Wellness: Talks about the interrelations of nature and human body and how to sync them in tune for a healthy life
  • G Events: Reports nature conservation events happening world wide
  • G Drive: Explains nature friendly driving habits
  • G Products: Brings to notice innovative Green products worldwide
  • G Toons: Animated cartoon character mentoring nature friendly child hood
  • G Thoughts: Nature photographs with awareness slogans
  • G Tips: Teaches nature friendly lifestyle tips
  • G Quotes: Quotes from popular figures on nature conservation
  • G Quiz: Quiz on Green topics
  • G Puzzles: Green sensitization puzzles
  • G Toons: Green Guardian character advising nature friendliness to kids as a comic strip